FORMED, an internet based formation program. It has been called the Catholic Netflix. Over 900,000 subscribers use this great resource. It has the BEST CATHOLIC CONTENT THERE IS, many resources for adults and children; FORMED has inspiring movies and video based study programs, audio talks and e-books from the Church’s most compelling speakers and authors, all to help you grow in your faith and find deeper peace with God.
How many of you would like to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ?
How many of you know someone who has fallen away from the Church, perhaps a friend, a family member, a co-worker, and you want reach them but you just don’t know how to?
This is why our parish is using FORMED, so that each of us might grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ and in our desire to share our Faith with others, especially those closest to us.

You can access FORMED, 24/7 on your Computer, SmartTV or mobile device and with Formed you can:
• Prepare for Mass each week by watching an insightful five-minute video on the Sunday Readings;
• Enjoy movies as a family that are both nourishing and entertaining;
• Enrich your marriage with the award-winning video program Beloved; and
• Help your children grow in faith and character with engaging children’s materials.
• Our CCD and RCIA Programs will be using content from the Formed website to help enrich their student’s faith

To register for free access to FORMED, click on the link below. Create an account will come up. Click NEXT, enter your name and email address then click SIGN UP. That’s it! Feel free to explore the website. We recommend you start with Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist under the tab: Sacraments. Enjoy!