Fr Michael’s Weekly Message

St Paul wrote to the Romans, “We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” All these good things have been given to us. It is up to us to use them in a way that will bear fruit in eternal life. 
This weekend I announced at all Masses that Bishop Checchio has reassigned me to the Parish of the Visitation in New Brunswick. It was done with a heavy heart. The fact is that it is something which we must accept. It is my calling based on my promises at ordination to obey the Bishop. Just as it was my calling when I married to be faithful to my wife until one of us should die. One must keep one’s word, one’s promises made before God. 
I love our parish and all of you. I tried to do my best here for all of us. So what did I do? I did what I do best, what I was trained to do. I treated everybody like children. How do you treat children? With love and respect. Children are to be nurtured and treated kindly. And you have to be present to them whenever it is needed. You have to wake them up and get them to clean up and you have to guide them along the way. You have to insure for their safety. They have to eat their meals and do their homework and chores and they have to play. If they get into mischief, you have to correct them. Then they say their prayers and go to bed. 
From birth to the end of life, Baptism to Extreme Unction and Viaticum and everything in between. A day in the life of a child is like a lifetime condensed. 
I am not perfect, far from it. I tried to do my best and I am sure sometimes my efforts were found wanting. We did a lot together in the last 6 years. The most important thing is the relationships and friendships we built together. That leads to respect and trust and ultimately love. Sometimes we made it; sometimes we fell short. Sometimes we don’t even know why things don’t work out, but we’re not children, we’re adults who need to accept personal responsibility. Thank goodness these times are usually few and far between. We are all wounded, whether one realizes it or not, and we all are in need of healing. Only Jesus can heal us. 
Ambroise Paré, the 16th century barber-surgeon wrote: “Je le pansai, Dieu le guérit.” (I dressed him; God healed him.) I pray we all feel the healing touch of Christ. Thank you for all your prayers and support.