Click the link below to access the current Memorial Society List.   If you would like to add someone to the list, please send a note with their name along with your payment of $40 to St James the Less, 36 Lincoln Ave, Jamesburg, NJ 08831.  Make checks payable to St James the Less Church. If you have a loved one in red that means they are up for renewal. You may send your payment in the mail or drop off at the rectory office through the mail slot in the door.  

Memorial Society – Nov


Heather Boucher, Elizabeth “Betty” Cafiero, Arlene Calabro, Fr Michael Cambi, Isabella Cannizzaro, Christopher & Mary, Agnes Cookson, Catherine Cryan, Carmela Dacunto, Joan Dallas, Matthew Dallas, Lorraine DeAngelis, Jonathan DiPierro, Connie Doherty, Olga Egierd, John Fayard, Danny Figler, Michael Fischetti, Peter Garibaldi, Finnley Hanway, James Hitch, Jake Hoenig, Nikolai Hopkins, Robert Horan, Nancy Ivan, John Iwanski, Eleanor James, Poppy Kleinert, Michael C. Konowicz, Veronica Kreutzer, Lucy Lavadera, Nicky & Joy Ligotti,  Arianna Louis, John Maltby,  Michael Marino, Charlie Martinez, Gianni Joseph Mazza, Dennis McCarthy, Kevin McCormack, Mario Medina, Danielle Mennona, Baby Nicholas Merritt, Donna Michael, Edward Migliore, Paul Joseph Migliore, Catherine Bagarello Mondros, Loretta Morabito, Constance Moscicki, Joan Moscicki,  Pat Muldowney, Michael Nichols, Tyler Odman, Nino Pangan, Rachel Peredo, Josephine Pescatore, Bob Pessolano, Santino Policastro, Trent Powers, Linda Ritter, Ron Ritter,  Elijah Sabo, Carl Salvadore, Peggy Schiller, Bill Sharp, Michael Walsh, Martin Webb, Joann Wolk,  Lourdes Zapanta and Emily Zukowski


9/26 – 10/2

  • The Sanctuary Lamp being lit this week is in thanks to St Expedite. This is a gift from Kim & Mike Williamson.

10/10 – 10/16

  • The Altar Candles being lit this week are in memory of Joan Intravartolo.  This is a gift from her sister, Antoinette.
  • The Altar Flowers that are being offered this week are in memory of Thomas & Briege Walker.  This is a gift from Family & Friends.