Click the link below to access the current Memorial Society List.   If you would like to add someone to the list, please send a note with their name along with your payment of $40 to St James the Less, 36 Lincoln Ave, Jamesburg, NJ 08831.  Make checks payable to St James the Less Church. If you have a loved one in red that means they are up for renewal. You may send your payment in the mail or drop off at the rectory office through the mail slot in the door.  

Memorial Society List – May



Names on the Sick List will be included for four (4) weeks.  If you or someone you know is sick or in the hospital, please let us know so that we can pray for them.  To add someone to the list please call the rectory or send an email to:


Week 1: Ryan Perlson, Diane Rojek, Ann Sorrentino, Deidra Vogue

 Week 2: Rev Michael Kottar, Gianni Mazza, Kerry Anne Wolfe, Patti Zielsdorf, Emily Zukowski

 Week 3: Elizabeth “Betty” Cafiero, Catherine Cryan, Danny Gooch, Finnley Hanway, Adrienne Hoffman, Bob Horan, Trent Powers, Jack Raskin, Peggy Schiller, Bill Sharp, Elizabeth “Betty” Zelasko

 Week 4: